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Making Flower Arrangements

Mentoring - Business Coaching

Are any of these where you are at?

  • Are you looking to uplevel your current business? 

  • Have you been hustling your butt off but don't feel it's paying off?

  • Are you wanting to start a creative side hustle but don't know what to do?

  • Is the volume of weddings you have booked for this year overwhelming and you don't know how you are going to do it?

  • Feel like you are working hard but you feel you are spinning your wheels?

  • Struggling with your design work and Youtube isn't helping?

  • Confused about what you should prioritize with all the items on your business to do list?


About your mentor:

Jeni Becht

With over 25 years of experience in the floral world, Jeni has built quite the toolbox of tips and tricks over the years.  In addition to the longevity in the business, she has over 1250 weddings under her belt.  As a Mom of two kids and owner of two businesses, she knows all too well how being overwhelmed can start to make things look hopeless and impossible.  With the decision to not let overwhelm control her life she put strategies in place and started investing in personal and professional development.  Helping people see the possibilities and pushing them to not be ok- with just being ok.  You deserve an exceptional life and business and Jeni can help you with the tools and mindset to make that happen.


Business Coaching

Facilitated virtually or in person.   $200 per hour

Items that can be discussed (more options not listed):

Attracting your ideal customer, proposals, planning and ordering, pricing, customer communication, setup and delivery, hiring (freelancers or employees), basic business setup, dealing with difficult clients, managing motherhood or a full-time job with your side hustle, marketing materials, sourcing, buying locally grown flowers, positioning yourself in the market, social media,  delivery and setup, production timelines and so much more. 


Design Mentoring


Monthly Success Coaching

  • With our monthly success coaching program, you have the ongoing support of the day-to-day issues that come up via Voxer. 

  • Weekly check-ins via Voxer to help keep you on track or offer support. 

  • 2-60 min. video calls or in-person meeting strategy session on meeting your current business goals.  Making a plan for current weddings to be executed with your personalized business and personal goals in mind.  Have a special project that you need help figuring out- we can plan out all the things to feel confident going into your weddings.

Monthly Investment: $399

Facilitated in person at Bloomington, MN studio

$200 an hour plus flower cost based on what is created

Want to learn skills to elevate your design skills while increasing efficiency?  In a design mentoring session you can learn the spiral technique in a bridal bouquet, create a centerpiece with foam or foam-free, learn tips and tricks on creating lasting personal flowers or other design challenges you might have.  A mini photography session of your designs to show some tips and tricks of helping create consistency in your social media feed.

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